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Siren Crystal Bundle | Water

Siren Crystal Bundle | Water

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The element of Water resonates with our emotions, mystique, and graceful feminine energy. Gentle, yet fiercely strong. The ocean, Earth's biggest body of water, ebbs and flows in harmony with our mystical moon. Dive deep into the magic of water and unleash the enchanting song of your inner siren, whose melody will captivate all who hear it.

Aquamarine ✦ In ancient times, Aquamarine was considered to be a mystical talisman to protect those at sea. A coveted treasure of mermaids. Once in contact with water this gem’s protection powers are amplified. The whispers go that this precious stone brings everlasting youth, happiness, courage, purity and tranquility to the heart of the beholder.

Ocean Jasper Named for its resemblance of the waves and ripples of the water. The first Ocean Jasper was discovered in a place accessible only at low tide. Infused with the serene energy of water, Ocean Jasper is believed to be a stone of joy and happiness, luring away negative thoughts and emotions. It brings inner harmony and balance, awakening love and kindness within. Ocean Jasper empowers acceptance and moving forward with uplifted energy.

Amazonite The stone of good fortune. Amazonite radiates a mesmerizing blend of tropical hues, reminiscent of the crystal clear waters of paradise. It radiates hope and positivity to all who hold it. With the fluid and flexible energy of water, Amazonite serves as a powerful guide, leading you over any obstacle or challenge in your path. It is a powerful ally in the quest for manifestation. When you feel stuck in life, this gemstone reminds you to shift your perspective and embrace change, just as the tides of the ocean ebb and flow.

Agatized Coral It is believed its creation spans a staggering 20-30 million years of oceanic evolution until its creation is complete. Agatized Coral serves as a gateway for exploring the deepest mysteries of life on this planet. It teaches us the vital lesson of interdependence and interconnectedness, reminding us that every being on this Earth is linked in a web of divine energy. It channels the combined energies of coral and quartz, imbuing it with an unusually high frequency.

The element of water is associated with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces zodiac placements.

Crystal size: approximately 2-3 cm.

Important Note

Kindly be aware that these are products of nature. They are unique in their colors and shapes. Do not worry, each treasure is handpicked under divine counsel by the beings of the Moon Cove.


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