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Forest Fairy Crystal Bundle | Earth

Forest Fairy Crystal Bundle | Earth

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Discover the magic of Earth's nurturing, grounding, and stable energies in this bundle with Green Aventurine, Fluorite, raw Peridot chips, Moss Agate, and a mini Labradorite Mushroom. Invite the authentic energy of Earth into your space.

Green Aventurine 
Within its emerald depths lies the alchemy of harmony, opportunity, strength, vitality, and good fortune. Its enchanting power delicately guides earthly energy, anointing the roots of plants with a rejuvenating vitality that whispers secrets of life into the very essence of nature. 

Fluorite  Its essence gracefully absorbs and dissolves the shadows of negative energy and stress. In its presence, concentration and sharpened decision-making unfold more easily.

Peridot  Peridot, a gem of grounded wisdom. It brings purpose and calm, stabilizing moods effortlessly. The subtle power of truth, faithfulness, and loyalty resides within, seamlessly balancing the ebb and flow of emotions.

Moss Agate  Moss Agate, a mystical stone that accelerates healing, connects you with Mother Gaia's nurturing embrace, and invites luck and new friendships into your life. The grounding magic of this stone helps you find emotional balance. Picture yourself strolling through enchanted woods, your spirit entwined with the ancient whispers of the trees.

Labradorite  Labradorite guides you to inner harmony and self-discovery. Its energy embodies the qualities of creativity, self-expression, and healing. This magnificent stone also acts as a shield guarding against negative vibrations that may surround you. 

The element of earth is associated with Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn zodiac placements.

Important Note

Kindly be aware that these are products of nature. They are unique in their colors and shapes. Do not worry, each treasure is handpicked under divine counsel by the beings of the Moon Cove.


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