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Moon Cove

Divine Feminine Crystal Bundle

Divine Feminine Crystal Bundle

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This bundle comes with Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite and Selenite. These gemstones help you awaken and honor your inner Goddess. They are imbued with the power to connect you with your true essence and the soul of our mother Earth. Embrace your divine feminine power, the embodiment of tenderness, nurturing, sensuality, intuition, empathy and peace.

Rainbow Moonstone ✦
Aligned with the celestial forces of the moon and our inner Goddess, Rainbow Moonstone is a symbol of fertility and sensuality. Its serene, feminine energy is a source of strength, helping you to regulate emotions and attune to your inner voice, bringing you balance and tranquility.

Labradorite ✦ Labradorite guides you to inner harmony and self-discovery. Its energy embodies the qualities of creativity, self-expression, and healing. This magnificent stone also acts as a shield guarding against negative vibrations that may surround you. Don't forget to hold your crystal in the light to discover the beautiful blue and purple shimmers.

Selenite Named after the Goddess of the Moon, Selene. Selenite vibrates at a high frequency. It is known as a purifier that cleanses your being of all blockages. By imbuing you with clarity and a heightened spiritual awareness, it helps you communicate with your higher self and open yourself to the higher realms of existence.

Crystal size: approximately 2-3 cm.

Important Note

Kindly be aware that these are products of nature. They are unique in their colors and shapes. Do not worry, each treasure is handpicked under divine counsel by the beings of the Moon Cove.


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