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Moon Cove

Enchanted Protection Crystal Bundle

Enchanted Protection Crystal Bundle

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This bundle comes with Tiger's Eye, Black Obsidian and Agate. They stand by your side to safeguard you from external influences. This combination forms a shield guarding you from negative energies, toxic environments, and individuals with ill intentions. Allow their mystical essence to guide and protect you.

Tiger’s Eye An Earthly and ancient stone with grounding properties that protect you from evil energy and spirits. Known as the "all-seeing all-knowing eye," this captivating gemstone invites prosperity and good fortune into your life. With its keen insight, it protects your resources and reflects back malice or threats from others. Aligned with the spirit of the tiger, it empowers you to live boldly, fiercely, and with courage.

Black Obsidian Born from cooled volcanic lava and infused with ancient magic from the depths of the Earth, Black Obsidian wards of negative and harmful energies. It provides a powerful defense against negative entities that may seek to harm you when you travel the spiritual realm and communicate with guides. It is also deeply attuned to the natural world, drawing the negativity out and returning it to the Earth, where it is transmuted into neutral energy.

Agate ✦ From the earliest days of human history, this mystical gemstone has been known for its healing properties. Agate, in all its unique colors and forms, offers a protective shield against all manner of harm. Its ethereal essence makes it an excellent ally for those seeking relief from anxiety and stress, infusing you with a powerful sense of inner strength and balance.

Crystal size: approximately 2 cm.

Important Note

Kindly be aware that these are products of nature. They are unique in their colors and shapes. Do not worry, each treasure is handpicked under divine counsel by the beings of the Moon Cove.


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