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Dragon Fire Crystal Bundle | Fire

Dragon Fire Crystal Bundle | Fire

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This bundle comes with Blood Jasper, Fire Agate, Carnelian, Black Obsidian & a Mystery mini dragon. They are infused with the energy of fire. Embodying the spirit of the dragon with fierceness, warmth, strength and power. These crystals help you align with this fiery force.

Blood Jasper In ancient tales also known as Bloodstone or Dragon’s Blood Jasper, this gem calls upon the spirit of courage and resilience. In the midst of life's trials, you will remain strong and standing. This energy helps you take responsibility, igniting action when it’s due. It reflects your inner power back to you like a mirror.

Fire Agate The spiritual flame, an anchor in times of emotional upheaval. This stone is believed to  represent the life force that runs through our veins. It safeguards us from negative energies and promotes physical and mental health. It empowers self-expression and standing your ground. This stone radiates a vibrant energy attuned to the lower chakra’s and helps you feel safe.

Carnelian Echoeing the fiery orange hues of a sunset, the Egyptians called this the sunset stone. Carnelian kindles boldness and eloquence, embracing the new. Once worn by ancient warriors igniting courage and strength to conquer. Ancient Warriors wore Carnelian around their neck for courage and physical power to conquer their enemies. It’s tied to feminine energies and fertility, and stimulates love and passion.

Black Obsidian Forged in the fires of volcanic lava and infused with ancient magic from the depths of the Earth, Black Obsidian promotes power, vitality, and strength. It provides a powerful defense against negative entities that may seek to harm you when you travel the spiritual realm and communicate with guides. It is also deeply attuned to the natural world, drawing the negativity out and returning it to the Earth, where it is transmuted into neutral energy.

Mystery mini dragon Every Dragon Fire Crystal bundle comes with a mystery mini dragon. 

The element of fire is associated with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius zodiac placements.

Crystal size: approximately 1-3 cm.

Important Note

Kindly be aware that these are products of nature. They are unique in their colors and shapes. Do not worry, each treasure is handpicked under divine counsel by the beings of the Moon Cove.


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